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This principal offers some real interest

Molly Shore

Bruce Osgood, Burbank High School’s new principal, won’t have much

trouble finding his way around campus.

Osgood, who started his new job Tuesday, spent four years as


Burbank High’s assistant principal for discipline before becoming

principal at John Muir Middle School. “I know many of the teachers

who are here, and the staff and students know me,” Osgood said. “I

see that as positive momentum.”


One of his first duties as principal will be to meet with teachers

and other staff members to get an idea of what their strengths are.

He is also meeting with Assistant Principals Mike Bertram and Doug

Berry to complete the school’s master schedule, ensuring that enough

classes are created for the entire student body. Osgood calls the

master schedule “the heart of the high school.”

Osgood intends to bring some stability to the job of principal --

he is the school’s seventh principal in 10 years. But Osgood is a


Burbank resident whose four children attend district schools, so he

said he plans to stay for quite some time.

“I have no desire to go anywhere else or move away,” Osgood said.

“I’m happy to stay. Hopefully, they’ll be happy to have me.”

School board President Trish Burnett and the rest of the board

voted unanimously to give Osgood the job May 22 following the

resignation of Leslee DeRoos. Burnett is confident about his ability

to be a good leader.


“He’s proven himself to be very good with people, and he is

responsive to everybody,” she said.

District Superintendent Gregory Bowman said that when he and

Alexis Sheehy, assistant superintendent for instructional services,

thought about who could do the job, they immediately considered

Osgood. They realized he could bring the same leadership skills to

the high school that he brought to Muir Middle School.

Osgood has an excellent history since he has been in the district,

Bowman said.

“In whatever position he’s been in, he has performed in a way that

has made a positive difference,” Bowman said. “He has a vision for

Burbank High School far beyond what it is today.”