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Will the real David Silva please stand...

Will the real David Silva please stand up?

I finally understand what is up with David Silva’s columns. There

seems to be two David Silvas. One comes across as a charming man,

someone who writes about his family and life. There is an


off-the-cuff quality to these columns that make them feel as if

you’re listening to a friend ramble on the back porch.

The other David Silva is a petty whiner. He believes we will side

with him as he talks of making snide comments to a clerk at a dry


cleaners over things the clerk does not control. He also trots out

tired complaints about the DMV (There are long lines? I’ve never

heard that before!), all the while admitting that it was his own

fault he’s there.

What both David Silvas share is a lack of editing ability, as the

columns could cover the same stories in half the space if time were

spent editing them. It’s truly hard to believe Mr. Silva is an

editor, as he doesn’t seem to exercise any editorial judgment over


his own writings. The Leader obviously encourages this, as the DMV

story was set in a smaller typeface just to get it all in. I cheer

the “nice” David Silva, wish the “whiner” would keep his complaints

to himself and hope that someone at the paper will remind Mr. Silva

that, sometimes, less is more.

Guy Phillippi