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Seniors better brace themselves

Recently, I read that the Senior Artists Colony apartments are being

built next door to Miller Elementary School.

While it might be good for some children and seniors, it isn’t

going to be good for all tenants over the age of 55. The reason that


those who are 55 or older move to a “senior” building is to get away

from screaming children. What do you think you are going to get right

next door to a school with the playground on the land right next door

the Senior Artists Colony? Noisy and screaming children during recess



I was not in favor of that idea when the City Council brought it

up, and I’m not in favor of it now. At that age, the last thing

people want to hear is children screaming. By the way, I know a

number of people in their 40s who can’t stand children screaming,


I sure hope the windows at the new apartment building are thick

enough to prevent all of the screaming from coming into people’s


apartments. If not, Burbank is going to have some very unhappy

seniors. But what else is new? The city allowed a developer to put in

a nightclub around the corner from a 62-plus building.

The combination of children in a school next door to a senior

building should be interesting.



EDITOR’S NOTE: The Senior Artists Colony project is adjacent to


Miller Kindergarten Center, not Miller Elementary School, which is

several blocks away.