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‘Wedding’ serves up high jinks

Matt Bellner of Burbank is a music librarian and an actor.

“American Wedding” is the third slice of the “American Pie” series

and it’s three times as gross and just as filling as the other two



I saw this movie with a packed audience and the group had a blast.

It is, by no means, a great film, but it does have some classic

moments. If you are not easily offended, I recommend this picture.

Most of the actors from the previous films return, but the new


movie belongs to Stifler, played by Seann William Scott. Stifler gets

most of the good lines and his performance keeps the movie on track

while everyone races to the altar for the comedic conclusion.

Believe it or not, “American Wedding” would make a good date

movie. I believe girls will enjoy the wedding story line and the guys

will enjoy the scenes where women are not wearing clothes.

Two things to remember: This movie is not for grown-ups and do not

bring chocolate truffles into the theater. You will understand when


and if you see this humorous film. I know some people will probably

hate this movie. If that’s the case, consider yourself a grown-up.

* “American Wedding” is rated R for sexual content, language and

crude humor.

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