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School board sets objectives

Molly Shore

The board of education, seeking to repair its damaged reputation, has

vowed to become more accessible to the community it serves.

The school board unveiled a list of objectives for the coming year


Thursday night, most of which focused on strengthening public trust

through improved communication and accountability.

Board member Dave Kemp emphasized the board’s desire to

communicate openly with district officials, teachers, parents and the



“We need to make sure that what the public is entitled to, they

will get,” Kemp said.

The 2002-03 school board came under fire for the way it handled

the termination of David Aponik as superintendent, and teachers

often accused members of being unresponsive to their needs.

Kemp, one of three board members elected earlier this year,

encouraged community members to look at the district’s Web site,


www.bur, to learn more about district operations,

activities and policies.

The board met late last month to develop objectives for the

2003-04 school year that touch on board leadership, budget reform,

instructional programs and customer service.

“We want to ensure a sound and effective program for all students

in line with the district’s mission statement,” Board President Trish

Burnett said.


For budget reform to be effective, board members said they must

determine the best use of funds to meet operations, maintenance and

building objectives.

“We have to focus on modernization in the most effective way,”

board member Paul Krekorian said. “Throughout all of this, the

overriding concern of the public and us is to ensure that we build,

maintain and foster openness.”

Character issues were addressed during discussion of ways to

improve instructional programs. Board member Connie Lackey said board

members realize it is important to maintain an ethical environment by

living it rather than preaching it.

“We need to start with ourselves, and we can help our students do

the same,” Lackey said.

Board member Ted Bunch said that the board needs to pay particular

attention to meeting the needs of all district students.

“At the end of the day we are successful when the students are

successful,” Bunch said. “That makes the parents happy and that’s our