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Reader says no to renaming airport after...

Reader says no to renaming airport after Bob Hope

I feel that all the respect, admiration, praise and honors for Bob

Hope are justified, and naming streets, parks, schools and post

offices are appropriate tributes. These are facilities used by locals


who will use them knowing their location.

However, renaming the airport is going too far. How many people

east of the Mississippi can tell you the John Wayne Airport is in

Orange County? What will the three-letter airport designator be? The


changes that will be required to be made to schedules, computers,

baggage tags, etc., are a costly requirement for many outside our


The change would provide good material for questions on “Weakest

Link” and “Jeopardy!” Now that the ball is rolling it’s probably

going to continue, but what’s the hurry?

Stuart H. Berg



A call for more police presence in Burbank Village

So you want letters? I have four for you: C-O-P-S, as in they are

needed in downtown Burbank on San Fernando Boulevard between Olive

Avenue and Magnolia Boulevard and on Magnolia from the Media City

Center mall to First Street.

I live in the Golden Palms Apartments, a building for seniors at

the corner of San Fernando and Palm Avenue. People double park on

narrow San Fernando to pick up orders from restaurants. They also


dart across the double lines in the middle of that street if they

spot a parking place on the other side.

That involves a lot of back and forth as their car wiggles like a

worm in hot ashes trying to get into a parking place meant for cars

coming in the opposite direction. Angry drivers have to sit and stew

as they wait for the law-breaker to finish breaking the law. Only

twice have I seen a driver ticketed for the above-mentioned offenses.

In any given month, enough tickets could be written in this

three-block area to pay the salaries of a couple of cops.

There are two exits on Magnolia from the new AMC theaters. I have

seen several cars cross two sets of double lines and turn left on

Magnolia after leaving the exit nearest First Street. The barrier

implied by the two sets of double lines is being ignored. World Gym

customers leave their cars in the white zone of this senior building

so that children coming to pick up elderly parents have no place to

park. They’ve learned that the possibility of getting a ticket is

very remote.