Address not state of the art

Ryan Carter

The state of the city could have used a good “head cleaning.”

Mayor Stacey Murphy’s video version of the annual address produced

by the city was fraught with technical difficulties Thursday at the


Burbank Hilton, where nearly 400 people attended a luncheon hosted by

the Burbank Chamber of Commerce.

Murphy’s video presentation, which highlighted various city

departments and businesses, included several audio and visual


glitches that had the audience a bit befuddled.

About halfway through the video, a caption scrolled across the

large video screen: “Head Cleaning Required.”

The video was turned off before it was completed, and a slightly

embarrassed Murphy took the microphone and apologized.

She said the video was intended to show how the city fosters a

good business climate by developing relationships with large and

small businesses and organizations to make the community better.


“What makes Burbank great is that we have that kind of charity,”

she said.

The video presentation, which in recent years has been produced by

the city and the mayor in lieu of a state-of-the-city speech,

highlighted such programs such as the fire department’s regional

occupational program, and included Murphy’s humorous attempt at

taking viewers inside City Hall to fill out a mock job application

for mayor.


The video also featured the library’s homework help program and

contributions of the city’s behind-the-scenes employees.

Following the luncheon, Murphy acknowledged that challenges lie

ahead for the city, and will include tackling Gov.-elect Arnold

Schwarzenegger’s proposed repeal of the vehicle license fee, which

she said could severely hurt law-enforcement and fire funds.

After a stirring rendition of “God Bless America” by the John

Burroughs High School High School choir, the chamber honored Warner

Bros. as Corporation of the Year and Burger Law Group as Small

Business of the Year.

Burbank Unified School District Supt. Gregory Bowman presented

Patterson Graphics Corp. as the district’s Partner of the Year, and

former City Manager Bud Ovrom was recognized as an honorary lifetime

member of the chamber.