Burnett wins community award

Mark Humphrey

Burbank resident Barry Burnett is known by many in the community

simply as “Coach” from his years of service to Burbank Parks and

Recreation and Burbank High School. Tonight, he will gain a new


title: recipient of the Colony Theater and city of Burbank’s second

annual Community Spotlight Award.

“There’s no such thing as a single effort; it’s a group effort,”

said Burnett, who was first informed that he would be receiving the


award in May.

Burnett has lived by that statement for much of his life. Over the

past decade and a half, Burnett has held various posts within the

Burbank community. He has been a sports coach, school site council

member and a participant in groups such as the Emmanuel Church Choir

and Kiwanis.

“Barry attained so much success as a businessman that it would

have been very easy for him to just sit back and enjoy what he had


earned,” said Barbara Beckley, the Colony Theater’s Artistic

Director. “Fortunately for all of us, he did the opposite and has

worked so hard to give back to the community.”

Burnett, who says he is both humbled and thrilled to be receiving

the award, built a successful career for himself in real estate. He

has held the post of president of the Burbank Assn. of Realtors.

However, Burnett’s life changed forever in February of 2004 when

he lost part of his right leg in a motorcycle accident. In spite of


this setback, Burnett pressed on and continued to do what he has done

for so many years.

“The fact that Barry was able to come back from such a terrible

accident with the sort of energy and enthusiasm that he had is just

such an inspiration for us all,” Beckley said.

Burnett is also glad to have been honored by the Colony Theater,

as he is a season ticket holder and a strong proponent of the local

Burbank arts scene who is always interested in seeing what the

theater company is producing.

“It is the Colony’s specific intent to let the community know how

important it is to have a professional theater group,” Burnett said.

In addition to honoring Burnett, the Colony Theater will also

provide a reception catered by Pomodoro Cucina Italiana before the

presentation as well as a theatrical program featuring highlights

from the Colony’s new production, “The Grand Tour.”

The ceremony begins tonight at 6 p.m. at the Colony Theater at 555

N. 3rd St. in Burbank and will be followed by a coffee and dessert


“The whole family is thrilled and we are delighted to have been

selected,” Burnett said.


WHAT: Reception honoring Barry Burnett with the Colony Theatre and

city of Burbank’s second annual Community Spotlight Award.

WHEN: 6 p.m.

WHERE: The Colony Theatre, 555 N. 3rd St., Burbank.

COST: $100 per person.