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AT ISSUE: Do you agree with Councilwoman...

AT ISSUE: Do you agree with Councilwoman Stacey Murphy’s decision to

return to the dais after Aug. 26?

I don’t see any other way for Stacey Murphy to have handled this

difficult situation. If she was at the meeting, nothing would get


done as the gadflies would have spent hours lecturing her. If she

didn’t show up, people would assume her guilty.

I presume her to be innocent, but I also believe her to be wise

enough to want the city to be able to conduct business. I think she


is handling a difficult situation as graciously as possible.



As a Burbank resident who voted for Councilwoman Stacey Murphy,

who was recently arrested on cocaine possession and child

endangerment charges, I am appalled and angered that she has chosen

to retain her position pending her Aug. 25 court date.

A letter from Murphy, read at Tuesday night’s City Council


meeting, stated she would continue to serve but not attend meetings

and therefore face residents. How brave of her.

Murphy’s alleged crime is tied to a gang police say is responsible

for the murder of Burbank Police Officer Matthew Pavelka. And now

she’s going to keep her position, making decisions that would affect

the Burbank Police Department, the same department which arrested


Though innocent until proven guilty, at worst Murphy would be a


felon, at best she is a person of poor character judgment to keep the

company of Scott Schaffer, who allegedly traded guns to the gang in

exchange for cocaine. Clearly this is not someone capable of making

decisions for the residents of Burbank.

The other four City Council members’ silence on the matter at

Tuesday’s City Council meeting is unacceptable. They were elected to

be leaders in the community, and at a time when leadership is needed,

no one has stepped forward to call for Murphy’s resignation.

Just because Murphy has been a good listener of residents’

concerns and has served the city, doesn’t mean she should continue to

do so. I ask Murphy to muster any remaining dignity she has and do

the right thing for the city of Burbank, resign immediately.



Why is this even a question?

As a resident of Burbank since 1972, my feeling is why would this

even be a possibility. She has discredited her position in the City

Council and allegedly involved herself with criminals.

Are we that desperate to have criminals and dishonest people

running our city? The integrity and independence that our fair city

has from the city of Los Angeles is what sets us apart. I am

disgusted and appalled at the nerve she has to even suggest that she

return. I would think that the city would have enough common sense to

recommend her immediate resignation and vow to investigate all money

associated with her boyfriend who generously contributed to the

campaigns of some of the other council members.

She is not an upstanding citizen or council member and should be

dealt with accordingly. As a parent, I hope she has plenty to answer

to with child services officials and look forward to seeing justice

served. I hope the city of Burbank will see the simplicity in doing

the right thing for the city and it’s constituents by not allowing

her to return to her seat on the council.

On another note, I applaud the Burbank Police Department in

joining our neighboring law enforcement agencies on the recent

crackdown of the Vineland Boyz gang and other drug and gun

trafficking criminals! It’s about time!



I feel that Stacey Murphy is making the right decision in this

matter and should remain on the City Council until a conclusion is

reached either way.

People need to remember that these are charges based on the

evidence available to law enforcement officials. A criminal charge is

not in itself a guarantee of a verdict either way. The preliminary

trial may even determine that there is insufficient evidence to

continue. While I wholeheartedly encourage people to monitor the

case, please allow the system to work and keep in mind that is why we

have it in the first place. Guilt or innocence is something that will

be and needs to be determined in a court of law, not decided in the


While I have my own opinion in the matter, it is not my duty or

position to decide as there may be additional evidence that is not

being made available to the media or public at this point in the


I will say that I feel Murphy has been one of the best council

members we have ever had. I see her as an honest person that has gone

beyond the norm in support of her constituents and the city.

Obviously her credibility will come into play throughout this matter

and I feel that is one of her strong points. We all make bad

decisions and mistakes in life and this is definitely up at the top

no matter how you try to look at it. For anyone to stand on their

personal soapbox and declare guilt at this point is just wrong.

Should the outcome be against Murphy, then I would hope that the

city look back at all agenda items having to do with the type of

business Scott Schaffer is involved in and reevaluate the decision.

If any such item passed or was denied unanimously, fine. If there was

a split in the vote then the item should be brought back to avoid any

accusation of conflict of interest. I will continue to monitor the

news reports.