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‘Crashers’ a hit with the ladies

If you like romantic comedies a little on the risque side, you will

enjoy “Wedding Crashers.” If you’re looking for a true R-rated

comedy, you should skip these film nuptials.

“Wedding Crashers” is about two guys (Vince Vaughn and Owen


Wilson) who crash weddings. There is nothing misleading about the

title of this film. What is misleading is the R rating. This movie is

not that risque other than a few shots of topless women and some bad

language, or in other words, just a typical day at Venice Beach.


Vaughn and Wilson are perfectly cast as the two bachelors who

sneak into weddings in the Washington, D.C., area to score women and

free booze. While watching the movie, the first question I asked

myself was, “Why didn’t I think of this”?

The guys meet their match when they fall in love with two sisters

at a fancy wedding they’ve crashed. This plot line pushes the film

through its many comedic turns. Christopher Walken plays the father

of the girls but is underused in his role.


“Wedding Crashers” is a decent date movie and may be the first

R-rated comedy that appeals directly to women. This film is actually

a chick flick in disguise.

It’s very subliminal but you should notice it when you see the


Believe me, I could write all day about this anomaly.

Most people at my screening left the theater laughing but I was

troubled about the message, that guys can only be happy if they


settle down and get married. Now that’s funny.

“Wedding Crashers” takes a while to get going and the two-hour

running time is a long one for a comedy, but Vaughn and Wilson keep

things moving with their wonderful banter. Their scenes together are

extremely funny and Vaughn can expect a huge paycheck for his next


The soundtrack is very basic and neither adds or takes away from

the experience. What does add to the humor are the great cameos

sprinkled throughout the movie.

If you’re looking for some laughter this summer, you should

definitely RSVP “Yes” for “Wedding Crashers.”

* MATT BELLNER is an actor and freelance writer from Burbank who

loves going to weddings!