Gordon deserves respect from council

Although I do not attend the council meetings as I should, I think I know the reason Councilman David Gordon might be getting poor treatment by some of the councilpersons.

First, he defeated Bill Wiggins, an affable, establishment ex-councilman. I think Wiggins was convinced to run to defeat Gordon, who had anti-establishment credentials. But Wiggins lost. Enough voters wanted a maverick councilman.

As a conscientious councilman, he does deserve respect from Councilman Dave Golonski and others. Some people think there should be a minority voice on the council.



Councilman should not listen to 'gadflies'

Based on what I've seen at recent council meetings, I hope future voters now realize what happens when you get a Monday morning quarterback on the City Council.

If you put a Monday morning quarterback on a team he will not pass the ball because it could be intercepted. He will not hand off the ball because it could be fumbled and he's not going to run with it because it could be dropped. At the end of the season, when you remind him that you didn't win any games, he will say, "That may be true but we didn't make any mistakes, did we?"

Some scientists believe this odd behavior can be caused by exposure to lead or mercury, or perhaps the high frequency noise of a tool like a drill.

The tipoff to these peoples is that they have to go back. They will remind you of the mistakes you made last year, the year before and the year before that. They are simply looking for a mistake so they can say "Aha" and "I gotcha."

They will question everything on the theory that somewhere they will find an error in judgment. They are trying to get educated on other people's time. The council, the staff and waiting speakers finally give up and go home.

I suggest Councilman David Gordon should quit listening to gadflies .

His fellow council members are team players, they are not the enemy.



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