LETTER TO THE EDITOR:He thanks the voters, makes endorsements

It's not Thanksgiving, but I am thankful. As a candidate for City Council, 2,741 people had faith in me on primary election day in Burbank ("Four in council race," Feb. 28).

I received more than 70 contributions and numerous endorsements. Volunteers spent many hours working on my behalf. I met wonderful people while knocking on doors, at coffee socials and other events. I met the people of Burbank.

No Monday morning quarterback; I got to play in the game on Sunday afternoon. My team didn't win, but what a game. Thank you, Burbank. Thank you, voters. Thank you, supporters and contributors. Thank you to my wife, Laura, and our two daughters, Nicolette and Caitlyn, who campaigned beside me up and down streets and at different events. My son, Ron, got off the hook since he is grown and on his own; but, for his love and encouragement I am also thankful.

Congratulations to Gary Bric, Anja Reinke, and Phil and Carolyn Berlin for advancing to the general election. I hope all three campaigns will be competitive, but respectful. My endorsement and support go to Gary Bric and Anja Reinke, because I believe that the city of Burbank will be in good hands with them.

My only disappointment is in the voter turnout. Local elections are critical and the city has made voting as easy as using your mailbox. Every vote can make a difference. The people we elect shape our city and the environment in which we live. As a registered voter, you are a powerful individual. I hope and pray that many, many more of you will embrace and exercise that power in future elections.



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