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City Council candidate Jacqueline Waltman

Jacqueline Waltman knows how to hold people accountable, and the Burbank City Council hopeful has spent her entire career doing so. The 56-year Burbank resident serves on the city’s Landlord-Tenant Commission while working as a state parole agent.

Waltman said her experience as a social worker has taught her not to take all information at face value, and to ask questions. She said it is important to focus on fiscal realities and balance income with expenses.

“My entire career has involved assessing needs and identifying resources to achieve practical solutions,” Waltman said. “I have worked for the government at the county and state levels, and I know how it works, how it fails and how to get things done.”

Why are you running for Burbank City Council?


I love living in Burbank, and I have seen a lot of changes. I am running for City Council because Burbank is facing challenges that need strong leadership.

I understand business, and I understand government. I recognize that small business is the backbone of our community, and it is imperative that businesses are supported and welcomed. The infrastructure throughout the city must adapt to an increased population, and development must be thoughtful and not encroach on residential neighborhoods.

Issues of traffic and parking for new and existing business must be resolved, and renewable energy sources must be pursued.

What are the major issues or problems facing Burbank?


I believe the most pressing issues will be: diminishing financial resources required to maintain public safety and services; unfunded pension liabilities; pending litigation against the city; protecting residential neighborhoods from encroaching development; increased traffic congestion and improving the city’s infrastructure; and Bob Hope Airport expansion.

How will you approach continued budget cuts?

The first approach would be to identify and eliminate wasteful spending and develop methods to identify the necessary expenditures and the optional ones. I will also actively pursue any available revenue streams through grants and increased business activity.

I think Burbank needs to explore possible consolidation of city departments to eliminate duplicate administrative costs and identify areas of salary savings.

What is your No. 1 concern for Burbank residents, and how will you address their concerns on the council?

I would say that the majority of residents are concerned with maintaining our unique quality of life. However, in these difficult economic times, I also believe the major concern is for fiscal responsibility — ensuring funding for vital and necessary services and infrastructure improvements.

As a City Council member, I will bring independent thought, vision and an ability to stand for what’s best for Burbank. I will establish a relationship of transparency and trust in city government by providing leadership, dedication, fairness and a reasoned approach to necessary decisions. The people of Burbank deserve nothing less.



Name: Jacqueline Waltman

Age: 62

Occupation: Parole agent

Education: Associate’s degree from Los Angeles Valley College; bachelor’s degree from Cal State Los Angeles; graduate degree from Pepperdine University.

Endorsements: Did not solicit endorsements.