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Boulevard burglaries may be connected

A series of commercial burglaries last week on South Victory Boulevard that resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars worth of equipment may be connected, police say.

Three burglaries from facilities in a building on the 800 block of the street resulted in stolen music and production gear overnight May 24. Doors to the business were pried open, police said, though an alarm for one of the businesses apparently drove the intruders away.

Another business on the 100 block of South Victory Boulevard was burglarized May 28 in a similar manner — a window was smashed before the door was pried open — prompting Burbank police to issue a crime alert Tuesday afternoon.

“We noticed there was a string of burglaries in these areas, and even a little bit into Alameda,” said Officer Joshua Kendrick. “We wanted to get the word out to the area.”


The businesses, which include those for media and music production, are considering additional security measures to beef up security and prevent future thefts.

Ellis Burman, the owner of Burman Sound Inc., said he is still fighting with his insurance to recover the costs of the loss of a laptop computer, bass and electric guitars, synthesizers and a mixing board from his business.

“There were no indications that this was going to happen that I’m aware of,” Burman said. “I still haven’t decided how to improve the security.”

The burglaries have occurred at all hours of the day and no suspects have been identified, police said.


According to Luis Pelayo, president of L2 Digital, the managers of his building are considering extra precautions and trying to re-secure the building.

“It was a grab-and-go,” Pelayo said. “I’m more inclined to believe [the suspects] knew what they were looking for.”

The alarm system for Pelayo’s business went off during the robbery and alerted police to the scene before property was taken from his suite, he said.

The owners of the affected business on the 100 block of South Victory Boulevard could not be reached for comment.