San Fernando Valley roundup: Surviving Carmageddon II, Traversing L.A. without a car

Good morning, readers! Today is Saturday, September 29. Hope you enjoy the weather in your neighborhood because it will be tricky to get to the beach today. Welcome to the first full day of Carmageddon II!

Mike Wofford, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard, told the L.A. Times that "the beach would be a good place to go...but how are people going to get there?"

Looking for something to do on the Internet besides reading news stories? Studio City Sound is broadcasting live music during the freeway closure, reports Patch.

One Los Angeles musician's experience riding buses and the subway inspired songs on his newest album. Eddie Solis lives and survives in the city without a car. California Report dubs him a 'transit punk.'

An Encino resident who has participated in triathlons since 2000 prepares for his 13th event this Sunday. To beat Carmageddon, he may bike home from the westside, reports Patch. That should earn him some extra points.

-- Tiffany Kelly, Times Community News

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