Refurbished bicycles distributed to Burbank families in need

More than 150 refurbished bicycles were donated to the Salvation Army on Tuesday by the Burbank Bike Angels, a group of 50 city employees and residents who have been greasing chains, brushing up rusty metal and fixing flat tires for more than three months.

The holiday gifts will be distributed to Burbank families later this month.

“What we find so heartening is the kids, of course, feel overjoyed to be getting such a big gift, but their parents also feel great about seeing their kid getting a gift when they may not have been able to afford something like that,” said Ferris Kawar, a city employee and Bike Angels volunteer.

The four-year-old program — created by city employee Elaine Pease — has expanded over the years. In its first year, volunteers collected and distributed just seven bikes.

“There’s this magic that these bikes are going on to live a whole new life, give a whole new generation joy,” Kawar said.

Bike donations for the program may be dropped off at the Burbank Recycle Center at 500 South Flower St.

-- Alene Tchekmedyian, Times Community News

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