Letters: Verdugo Park upside-down flag display just an accident, writer asserts. Maybe, but ... says another

Burbank resident Greg Sousa found the U.S. and California flags hoisted upside down outside the Verdugo Park Recreation Center on two occasions in February. The February flag flap drew letters to the Mailbag this week, one in defense of the workers who displayed them upside down.
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There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was purely an accident that the flags were flown upside down during the week of Feb. 17 at Verdugo Park. I know several staff who work at Verdugo, and each and every one of them respects flag protocol.

If I see a flag that is flown incorrectly or is faded and tattered, I take it upon myself to go into that particular facility and make the staff aware of the problem and ask them to please take care of it as quickly as possible. I have always found that method works very well.

Mickey DePalo

Whoever raised the flags upside down at the Burbank Verdugo Park Recreation Center should be reprimanded. Marisa Garcia of Burbank Parks and Rec said, “It was an honest mistake …”


A few years ago I turned left against a red arrow I didn’t see. I told the police officer that it was an honest mistake. He kept writing. It cost me $241 for my honest mistake.

Tim Elliott

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