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Letters to the Editor: Letter to the Editor: City of Burbank should raise developer impact fees

We’re always hearing about how strapped Burbank is for cash. After all, we were guilted into passing Measure P during the midterm elections. What we really need to do is look at the impact fees that developers pay to the city.

Currently, we are charging around $1,270 per unit, which is around 7% of what Glendale and Los Angeles charge ($18,000). Unbelievable. The prospective occupants will be using the same services as those living in Glendale and Los Angeles: water, utilities, waste management. I might add that the higher impact fees have done nothing to slow development in Glendale.

Whose idea was it to give the developers such a gift? As more projects seem to be looming on the horizon, we have to make it so these units don’t drain our resources. The city should not be undercharging developers and then appealing to residents for more funds.

Carol Tensen



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