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Letters to the Editor: Mailbag: Burroughs stadium a good venue for We are Women + event

Burbank residents attend a groundbreaking ceremony of the new Memorial Field at John Burroughs High
A reader writes to say John Burroughs High School’s Memorial Field is a good venue for the upcoming We Are Women + event. Above, residents attend a groundbreaking ceremony of the then-new Memorial Field on Feb. 25, 2012.
(File Photo /Burbank Leader)

Regarding the Jan. 19 Leader article about the We Are Women + rally scheduled for March 9:

Hundreds of people have turned out in Burbank for various marches (women, scientists, students) that have been held on the Chandler Bikeway, with no public visibility and no point in walking a few blocks on a residential street. Most participants could not hear what the speakers had to say.

It would be great to hold the We Are Women + event at John Burroughs High School. As taxes paid by residents help support Burbank schools, I do not know why the city should be charged any fees to sponsor the event at Burroughs’ Memorial Field. I am sure someone will enlighten me.

These marches expose serious issues and social injustice in our country. With the growing fear and hate in the United States, these marches/rallies are more imperative than ever to unite and educate.


The city of Burbank needs to step up and support these events for the residents, our family and friends.

Sen. Kamala Harris is a big supporter of human rights and her attendance would be a benefit to the participants and the city of Burbank.

A big thanks to Katie Ward for organizing this event two years in a row.

Jane Harrison