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Mailbag: Videographer was rightfully ejected

I was at the town hall put on by Assemblyman Mike Gatto.

We in the audience were furious that Peter Musurlian created such a scene (“Videographer booted from library,” July 28). He yelled like a crazy man, and was incredibly rude to the library and Assembly staffs.


If people like Peter Musurlian hate Mike Gatto, then I like Mike even more.

Jay Conklin




Another cameraman who skirts journalism



While I had to be out of town and missed Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s recent town hall gathering in Glendale, I am sadly not surprised about hearing of the incident with Peter Musurlian (“Library boots videographer,” July 28).

I witnessed a similar unnerving incident earlier this year, and hoped they would end after the June 8 special election. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this time it occurred before far more witnesses, with other entities and agencies forced to get involved over what hardly amounts to “journalism.”

As Bill O’Reilly has demonstrated — and Jon Stewart has easily ridiculed — “assault” videographers and their editing tools do almost nothing but make everyone look bad, while allowing someone somewhere to feel better over the whole mess via edited “vindication.”

But extreme “free speech” is no excuse for crossing the boundaries of civility, much less those of personal and public security. And it’s hardly a way to foster any real exchange of ideas or views.


Larry Nemecek


Hateful In Theorists are at it again

Surprise! Surprise! My two favorite “Christian” pastors — the Rev. Bryan Griem and Rev. Jon Barta — again show their true values of fear, anger and hate at any group of people that is not part of their “clique.”

Within a month, more or less, these two “Christians” have preached their hate in the pages of the Glendale News-Press against gays and lesbians (“In Theory: Same-sex couples as parents, July 10), immigrants and now “Islamists.” Is it no wonder why so few go to these men’s churches? Who would want to go to their church, let alone their heaven?

Jesus must be weeping over those who call themselves his followers!

Mark Satterlee


Thankful Krekorian is still on course

Thank you, Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Krekorian, for your recent public affirmation of support regarding the Verdugo Hills Golf Course.

As an assemblyman, you were one of the first elected officials to come out in support of the Verdugo Hills Golf Course, and your position has not faltered.

As you know, many of us in the community are concerned not only about the potential loss of the golf course, but the significant negative environmental impacts inherent in building a large housing development at the corner of Tujunga Canyon Boulevard/La Tuna Canyon Road/Honolulu Avenue.

That is why so many here in the foothills want to see the city of Los Angeles act on behalf of its constituents to protect and preserve our quality of life. From loss of recreation and aesthetics, to adding hundreds of additional vehicles to an already treacherous traffic corridor, the environmental impacts must not be ignored.

Your longtime support of the Verdugo Hills Golf Course is appreciated, and we all look forward to continuing to work with you and City Council District 2 staff.

Karen Zimmerman

La Crescenta