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Many people made ‘Broadway’ a success

Thank you for the review of Burroughs on Broadway (“Rocking the stage,” Oct. 20).

This year’s program was the most ambitious of the fundraisers that have been held the last few years. Scott Dove did a wonderful job of directing the show, but credit must also be given to Brendan Jennings, the vocal music instructor who heads the program, and the three hard-working, wonderful choreographers who designed the performances, Marie Gutierrez, Jennifer Stanley and Corey Hidalgo.

Live music was performed by an excellent group of musicians headed by Dan Scoville. Recognition also has to go to the many parents and alumni who worked tirelessly to produce the show. It was truly a joy to watch.

This program adds to the pride we feel as Burbank residents.


Elliott and Esther Porter


Wouldn’t want Gingrich’s support


John Colbert must be very proud to have Newt Gingrich’s support in his effort to unseat Rep. Adam Schiff (“Gingrich speaks out for Colbert, Oct. 11).

It’s nice to have a Fox analyst who was one of Jerry Falwell’s biggest supporters in your corner. Though there is that little messy matter of how family value proponent Newt served his second wife with divorce papers as she was awakening from cancer surgery so he could marry a young staffer he was dating.

Good for you, John.

Steve Eastin


The Rev. Bryan Griem represents the fundamentalist religion (“Answers show ignorance of spiritual leaders,” Oct. 9). Do they have merit? Who knows? The answer lies somewhere in the universe.

I was brought up in that religion and it’s very strict. There’s not enough flexibility in the system so people can make intelligent decisions. What do we base our decisions on? Probably a certain amount of guesswork.

Fundamentalism has an air of certainty about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. How we form judgments is based on experience, logic and our emotions. It’s a tough question and I don’t think there are any easy answers.


It’s always easier to form an opinion and stick with it, but I think we should leave an opening through flexibility.

If Griem has firm answers to every moral question and can explain it, he has super powers. I think most people leave their judgments with openness so they can be flexible.

But some form of morality has to be considered or there will be anarchy, and that is not a solution.

Wesley Greene