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Native Americans’ problems do matter

In response to the letter, “No Native Americans, no need to bother,” really, Lee Brandt, why bother with “their” problems?

Have you ever been to a Southern California pow-wow? If you have, you would know that there are many Native American communities throughout the state of California and they do have their own needs and problems.

While I am not a huge fan of Rep. Adam Schiff, I am sure that our Native American communities would welcome long overdue help from state representatives. Native American small businesses do exist and do need help, like everyone else.

I’d like to say that it’s the least Schiff can do, since he introduced the Armenian Genocide recognition bill to Congress before recognizing the genocide of indigenous people to this country.


Schiff never once asked the U.S. Congress to recognize and commemorate notorious incidents like the Trail of Tears, Wounded Knee, Round Valley, Sand Creek and many other acts of extermination against natives throughout the centuries.

As a Native American who has lived in Burbank since 1964, I really hope Schiff and other state representatives make good on their promises. Native Americans do live and vote in Burbank and the surrounding areas.

As we celebrate Burbank’s centennial birthday, my wish would be that people change their attitudes and beliefs toward Native Americans in all communities. Their problems do matter.

Stephanie Saucedo