Council’s actions don’t bode well for city

“City looks into revamping its pay system” on July 6 was the latest article in the Burbank Leader to reveal the city government of Burbank to be a secretive, good-old-boys club plagued by nepotism and cronyism — and sorely in need of foresight and vision in these difficult times.

The Leader’s important revelations in recent months do not bode well for the future of the city or the quality of life of its residents.

After all of the negative publicity regarding huge bonuses for city employees and the city’s reluctance to reveal the facts, it is mind-boggling that the City Council could keep bonuses in the compensation mix in the future.

Taxpayer money should not be spent on bonuses, propping up a failing golf course (“City approves loan package to cash-strapped DeBell Golf Course,” July 9), or fireworks while cutting library and parks services. It is very unfortunate that the quality of the council members is determined to a great extent by voter apathy.


Thomas Saito