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New Walmart adds no new problems, but a larger tax base

I suppose that the radical few to protest a Walmart in Burbank have enough money to pay above retail for what they buy (“Walmart detractors line up to say no,” Aug. 13). However, how about the rest of us?

A Walmart would increase traffic in the area? If you want traffic, go over to the Costco area. Twelve acres would cause parking problems? Huh!

Drive out other retailers? Competition is the American way. Increase crime? Best Buy and Target never had a shoplifter?

Noise and pollution? It must be coming from the trains or the freeway across the street from the Empire Center.


It sounds to me the citizens complaining about Walmart may have a monetary stake in Target or Best Buy.

Citizens of Burbank, let’s get behind Walmart for a larger tax base, then maybe we can get our school bus service back, park swimming pools fixed and water and power rates down.

Jim McAllister