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Walmart fans should watch this movie

If you have any doubt about the “facts” pertaining to Walmart’s demeaning labor policies, please watch “Walmart: the High Cost of Low Price.”

I watched with my daughter who recently moved here from a small town in Texas, where Walmarts are frequently the only place to shop because every small grocery, clothing, pharmacy and hardware store in an area where a Walmart moved in has gone out of business.

After listening to the heartbreaking stories of former Walmart employees and managers, we reached the conclusion that we will never set foot in a Walmart.

A few years ago, I was proud to be able to say that the city of Burbank had rejected this mega corporation’s overtures.


I am saddened that it now seems inevitable that we will be hosting one of these monsters. Potentially thousands of desperate job seekers will fall over themselves for the opportunity to give 200% for a dead end job with a company that has absolutely no regard for their well being.

If you can watch this movie and say, “They should be happy they have a job,” you’ve never had to worry where you’d get money to fill your gas tank or pay your electric bill.

Jennifer Rabuchin