A lesson on compromise

The solution reached by Burbank Unified administrators and their students on the unpopular decision to hold the Burroughs High School graduation off-site is a lesson even Congress could draw upon.

And given the utter dysfunction on Capitol Hill, no, that’s not an overstatement.

When Burbank Unified officials — leery of having hundreds of excited graduate high-heels and dress shoes mulching a shiny new multi-million-dollar Memorial Field — announced plans to move the ceremony to Starlight Bowl, there was a collective moan from the class of 2012, which had eagerly anticipated returning to home field advantage.

But instead of throwing back-and-forth temper tantrums or digging in heels with heated rhetoric — sound familiar, anyone? — both sides continued to suggest options that led to the compromise announced this week.


They are to be commended. And maybe they should consider a campaign for Congress.