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Keep T-mobile cell tower out of Burbank

Home. A sacred place. Imagine you found out it is being threatened, along with your long-term health, by something that your city council recently decided was a good idea. For the first time ever in Burbank, a cellphone tower is slated to be installed in a residential neighborhood, on your street.

Imagine you learn more and more about the effects of these towers so close to homes and schools. You learn that the EMR Policy Institute recommends a buffer zone of 1,500 feet between towers and schools, that children are the most vulnerable to tower emissions, that studies show many types of health effects, that two schools, Bret Harte and Luther Burbank, as well as a day care center, are within this 1,500 feet of the proposed tower. Some are skeptical. But at best, it’s a gray area.

Imagine being told by Realtors that you have to disclose the tower if you ever want to sell your home, and that it will lessen its value. You pray your elected officials will do the right thing and think of the citizens first. You wonder where and how soon the next tower will appear so close to homes and schools. You hope that your fellow Burbank residents see the threat to their own health and homes and tell the City Council how they feel.

Please attend the Council meeting May 22. We can fight this and win. Think about why you live in Burbank. Are cell towers in R1 neighborhoods really part of that picture? There are better sites. Keep home sacred.


Roy Wiegand