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Walmart a fantastic addition

I think Walmart will be a fantastic addition to the Empire Center, and to Burbank as a whole. The two letters published in the Saturday edition of the Leader (Mailbag, May 19), one expressing worries about the City Council selling out, and one fearful Walmart will change the very fabric of Burbank, are not concerns residents should use to prevent Walmart from becoming part of Burbank.

I don’t think the City Council has “sold out” residents by allowing Walmart to set up shop in the Empire Center. I think they’ve made a wise and wonderful decision. I can’t wait for Walmart to open its doors.

As to whether Walmart will change Burbank’s homey feel, utter hogwash.

Did Costco change Burbank’s quaint ambience? Does Target make residents want to flee to parts unknown?


Has anyone driven down Magnolia Boulevard lately? The number of store closures and “for rent” signs is nothing less than astonishing. Who will replace these businesses? When will it happen?

A business such as Walmart should be welcomed and aided in its efforts to become a positive part of our city. It should not be vilified by a handful of residents, sued by overzealous residents, or made to jump through innumerable hoops simply to satisfy Walmart-haters.

If you don’t like Walmart, don’t shop there. If traffic is your worry, go early in the morning, or do like many, many Burbankians do, go on the weekend and make a day of it. Shop, eat lunch, then shop some more.

We have far larger issues to deal with in Burbank. The streets need repaving. The alleys are in terrible condition. Our schools have budget shortfalls. Utility rates are on the rise. Take these issues seriously. Don’t waste your precious time on the Walmart non-issue.


Walmart is overwhelmingly welcome in Burbank. When will it open?

Pamela Lang