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Most residents would support Walmart

I wish to thank Mark Kellam for his recent article on the status of the Walmart litigation (“Walmart case has its trial date set,” July 25). I am livid that, in my opinion, the union recruited these three women into filing this lawsuit. If they were represented by independent counsel (not UFCWU), I would be less inclined to believe they are just trying to further their special interest (organized labor) disguised as environmental concerns.

Protesters dislike Walmart’s non-union position and allegedly inferior employee compensation/benefits. Even if wages are less than other stores, it is irrelevant to Walmart’s right to be here. Others allege that Walmart sells products made in China. So what? Every big-box store/major retailer sells foreign-manufactured products. I wonder [if] these negative posts are by Burbank residents, or by union members and Walmart-haters from who knows where.

Yes, I expect increased traffic, but that will be mitigated in time. However, with the additional revenue, the city will be in a better position to fund the highway modifications.

How about polling just Burbank residents on our Walmart? A team could randomly call Burbank phone numbers asking, “Are you in favor of a Walmart in the former Great Indoors?” I feel confident the majority of respondents will support our Walmart.


My wife and I travel to Valencia’s Super Walmart weekly. I would much rather contribute to Burbank’s tax base (and local economy) than Valencia’s. Further, we would help the environment by driving substantially fewer miles.

We hope that on our next weekly Empire Center visit, we will see construction underway for our new Walmart.

Dick Norton