Op-Ed: Plenty to smile about at Bob Hope Airport

We got some good chuckles from the artistic, satirical jabs of Bert Ring aimed at à la carte pricing at the airport for every conceivable moment in the airport experience. In the truth-behind-humor department, most air travelers are extremely aware of so-called unbundling of air travel prices, whether it's checking your bags or purchasing in-flight meals.

As the airport works to maintain its good financial position in light of the very real decline in passengers over the past four years, we've managed to retain real service and bargains for our patrons:

• Frequent complimentary air-conditioned parking shuttles, each equipped with hydraulic ADA access.

• Free on-demand shuttles from the airport to the North Hollywood Redline Station and the Burbank Metrolink Station.

• Free traffic directors to ensure that the free, but sometimes crowded, curbside drop-off and pick-up of passengers goes smoothly.

• Free wi-fi when some larger airports either don't have it or are just getting around to it.

• Safe and convenient crossings from the closest parking garage and valet center to any airport terminal in the country.

• Remote and fast Explosive Detection Systems for safe and speedy baggage processing that doesn't contribute to crowded terminals found elsewhere.

• Always cool air-conditioning in the terminal, and always free.

• Complimentary jump starts for parking customers.

• Even the baggage cart rental has been retained only as a service to customers — it is not a money maker for the airport, and the same is true for pay phones.

Coming by summer 2013 is the Common Use Passenger Processing System — easy check-in will get even easier, with enhanced flight and baggage status displays.

Our bottom line: We want our passengers to smile when they come to Bob Hope Airport.

VICTOR GILL is the director of public affairs and communications for Bob Hope Airport.

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