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Cheers for the rescuers of a domestic rabbit

As an animal lover and Burbank resident, I want to commend our dedicated Animal Control Department. While enjoying Wildwood Canyon earlier this month, my husband and I were informed by fellow hikers that a domestic rabbit had been abandoned at the trail head. We contacted the Burbank Police Department and Animal Control arrived on the scene within minutes. Upon miraculously catching this very scared white Angora rabbit, the animal control officer took the rabbit to safety at the Burbank Animal Shelter.

We were impressed with the response and caring of our fellow Burbank citizens and the Animal Control Department in helping rectify the injustice done to this innocent pet by such irresponsible humans. The Burbank Animal Shelter does a wonderful job of finding homes for unwanted and abused animals and they deserve credit for the difficult work they do every day.

Lisa Marlowe-Carr