Small businesses are vital to the local economy

Recently, the importance of local commerce became a focal point in the presidential campaign. Both sides highlighted the success of small businesses as a key to the recovery of our economy and then used that as a platform to promote their economic agendas.

Regardless of the politics, small businesses are vital to the local economy and despite what the president may do to help, the real formula for success is that someone with vision and guts opens their doors and then we, the consumers, do our part by purchasing the services or goods offered.

A perfect example of the guts side of this equation is Kerry Krull and her Romancing the Bean Cafe. Several months ago I wrote in describing the unfortunate occurrence of a bad economy colliding with a short sighted landlord resulting in the Bean being forced to close up shop on the Village. It was the same story that was playing out in towns across the nation.

Many simply gave up when the economy knocked them down. Not Kerry. She got up, dusted herself off and defiantly said, “Is that all you’ve got?” The re-opening of the Bean in Magnolia Park is the perfect example of the promise and importance that is the entrepreneurial spirit. Will it succeed? There is no way to know. For our part the least we can do is stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends and neighbors.

Eric Rosoff

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