Manager was rude to war vets

As an Air Force veteran I was headed to Sizzler in Burbank for my free Veteran's Day lunch. Ahead of me were two ladies in their 90s that were Navy WAV's in WWII. They had just come from a ceremony at McCambridge Park where they were honored for their service and given corsages and a flier for a free lunch at Sizzler.

When they approached the counter, the manager said no military ID, no free meal. One of the women had a Veteran's Administration card with her picture on it and the other woman didn't have an ID. The manager was incredibly rude to both of them. They explained that they were just honored in a ceremony at McCambridge Park and the manager was still rude. I spoke up and told him what he was doing was wrong and he finally caved and gave her a free lunch. Thumbs down, Sizzler.

Karen Reuter

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