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Buy puppies from responsible breeders

It is no wonder pet stores want to continue to sell puppies coming from inhumane places — they are cheap to get because they are commercially bred, and people make impulse buys, begetting the store owners almost a 1,000% profit.

I hope that the Burbank City Council members will enact an ordinance similar to Glendale’s puppy mill ordinance. Pet stores should be in the business of selling pet supplies, not puppies. There are many pet stores in Burbank thriving and they don’t sell puppies.

No one is saying take away someone’s ability to get a puppy — just let them go to a responsible breeder who cares about the breed, not pet stores that make a profit selling imported puppies from cruel and inhumane breeding factories. Go see the puppies’ parents, go see what conditions they live in, make sure you are not supporting the perpetuation of this inhumane industry.

Stefani Dombroski