PTA does not endorse candidates

Our local election season is upon us, and our fellow community members have thrown their hats into the ring for public office. I wish to congratulate each and every one for making this decision. It is exciting to see so many people interested in serving the needs of our town.

While many seeking office are PTA members and identify themselves as such, I need to state that the PTA as a 501 (c)3 nonprofit never supports or opposes any candidate for office at any level, even local nonpartisan offices. While the PTA cannot control how individuals use the PTA moniker, and federal regulations do not prohibit the use of organizational affiliation for identification purposes, it is written PTA policy that candidates “avoid even the appearance that they have, in any way, the endorsement, approval, or support of PTA.”

Any suggestion or implication of PTA endorsement is in violation of PTA policy.

Barbara Miller

Editor's note: The writer is president of the Burbank Council PTA.

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