Conflict of interest needs investigation

I was dismayed to hear the temporary city clerk, Zizette Mullins, admit during the candidate’s forum that it would be a conflict of interest for a clerk candidate to pay another candidate to work on her campaign.

Campaign filings are public record. Did Mullins not think that the public would check all the candidates’ filings? Did she not think that we would see that she has paid Steve Ferguson, a school board candidate, to work on her city clerk campaign?

The other city clerk candidates agreed that it would be a conflict and the mere perception of conflict was to be avoided.

So, now we have Burbank’s appointed interim clerk admitting to being in a serious ethical conflict.

I am hoping the Leader investigates this allegation and admission so that the voters are fully informed.

I hope this will be handled quickly, as the primary election is on Feb. 26.

I would urge the public to hold her accountable and vote for either of the other candidates, Gloria Salas or Nona von Sonn. Both of these ladies understand that the city clerk must be above reproach and that this office needs to be led by a person with high ethical standards.

Gian Guenther

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