School's musical was a revelation

So, last Saturday I'm going through the newspaper wondering what movie to catch, when I come upon the story about Burroughs High School students performing “Sweeney Todd.” A high school production of “Sweeney Todd”? This I have to see.

Since my children graduated from Burroughs, I was familiar with the school's ambitious pop shows, but even so this production was extraordinary. To see kids tackle a property as complicated and adult as “Sweeney Todd” and do so well by it is a thrill. To hear it with a full and, to my ears, flawless orchestra was also terrific. You knew early on watching the show that you were in good hands all the way around.

My hat's off to all the students, teachers, technicians and helpers involved. May Burroughs continue to push for challenging material like this one.

Alan Burnett

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