Voters must kick Golonski out the door

The primary nominating election held on Feb. 26 spoke volumes to Burbank City Hall watchers. In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past few weeks (or sitting in traffic waiting to park at Costco), here’s the latest: The three candidates who garnered the majority of votes were Robert Frutos with 53%, David Gordon with 48% and Jess Talamantes with 44%. Frutos won a City Council seat outright, leaving two seats in contention.

Incumbents Gordon and Talamantes had a strong showing. Based on their numbers, both could easily win the remaining seats in the April 9 general election.

That begs the question: What about Dave Golonski? He came in fourth place, with a paltry 41% of the vote. For a guy who been running this town for 19 years, what happened? Either Golonski felt way too comfortable with his stature to feel the need to campaign, or finally the voters of this great city are waking up to the fact that unlike North Korea, we don’t need a city councilman who acts like a dictator.

Now, after that embarrassing finish, Golonski is getting his act together. More Golonski lawn signs have sprouted throughout the city in an effort to showcase his effective use of colorful printed cardboard. But it may be a little too late.

Candidates with the most signs do not get the vote. Voters vote for the most effective nominee. Dave Golonski is not that nominee. He's the guy who stayed at the party too long. He's the guy who refuses to leave.

And we, the voters, now must kick him out the door.

Arthur Booth

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