David Gordon is bad for Burbank

I had the honor to serve as chair of the 2005-06 Burbank Charter Review Committee, a panel of 15 City Council-appointed volunteers, including now councilmember-elect Bob Frutos. Members of the committee dedicated more than 500 hours of volunteer time to this effort. The council had mixed reactions to our recommendations; however, what stands out was the lack of respect and contemptuous remarks directed at the committee and its work by Councilmember David Gordon.

Gordon charged that our work was sloppy and our recommendations useless. His comments directed at committee members were obnoxious, to the degree that the Burbank Leader ran an editorial stating, “…the vilification of committee members was uncalled for, out of line and completely inappropriate … to vilify them is outrageous.”

This was not a rare incident of bombast and disrespect by Gordon, whose negativity permeates City Council meetings on a weekly basis. He accuses Burbank city staff of evil intent and poor staff work, attempts to bully women, disparages those who oppose his point of view, and continuously asks questions when the answers have been thoroughly provided in staff reports.

It is appropriate to question and disagree with other council members, city staff, and even volunteers. However, at some point in time, one must propose solutions for the challenges our community faces, not just criticize the ideas of others. “No” is not enough.

Gordon’s yard signs proclaim that he is “proven.” I agree with that assessment. He has proven that he is an uninformed, misogynistic, unreasonable and belligerent bully. Most of all, he has proven that he is bad for Burbank.

Carolyn Jackson

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