New reservoir explains leaking water hydrant

The March 23 edition of the Burbank Leader included a letter to the editor asking why water was being released from a fire hydrant. Burbank Water and Power (BWP) is well into the replacement of an obsolete and leaky reservoir near the intersection of Sunset Canyon and Magnolia Boulevard. With a greater storage capacity and a zero leak rate, the new reservoir will improve the reliability of Burbank’s water storage and distribution system for many years to come. BWP installed a temporary fire hydrant on Bel Aire Drive near its intersection with Magnolia to divert water away from the excavation where the reservoir contractor would be working to make connections to the water system.

When the contractor was ready to begin the connection, BWP opened the temporary fire hydrant allowing the contractor to complete the work without water flowing into the excavation site and making a muddy mess. During the period of the diversion, the temporary fire hydrant was bagged “Out of Service” so that, in an emergency, the Fire Department would not hook up and try to use it as it would not provide the flow required to fight a fire.

The work is now complete and the diversion of water has stopped. The temporary fire hydrant will be removed in the next few weeks.

The new reservoir will be completed in late 2013. For information on the Reservoir No. 1 reconstruction project, please visit or call (877) 583-4270.

Michael Thompson
BWP Principle Civil Engineer

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