City needs Dave Golonski

I am writing this letter in support of Dave Golonski, who is up for reelection to the Burbank City Council.

I support him because before he was elected to council, he attended council meetings to speak on some problem in his neighborhood. Every week that he spoke to the council, he had done his homework on the subject. He brought many documents supporting his position. He talked until he got the council to listen to what he had to say. He did his investigation, had everything organized, and spent an enormous amount of time working on this. He did it then and he continues to obtain all information available on the items that come before him now.

In these hard economic times, we need Dave Golonski to be on our council, protecting our city and residents to make sure our wonderful Burbank continues to thrive. He has the experience we need to get through this rough period. Yes, he has been on the council along time, but he continues to work hard on many city projects and programs for the benefit of residents of all ages. Please give your vote to Dave Golonski.

Eileen Cobos

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