Golonski's departure a sad event

It was a sad day in Burbank when Dave Golonski was not re-elected to the City Council, a public servant who had served for more than 20 years.

This is a man who never once swayed on issues he believed in. His integrity and character never motivated him to stand behind any issue simply for the vote. He always maintained his vision for what he felt was best for our city and its people — rare for a politician these days.

Dave Golonski's dedication, leadership and numerous contributions to the city of Burbank must be commended. I have no idea where our current city council will take us. I hope that it's in a positive direction, one that is not marred with greed for political votes and power. Where we go from here, time will tell. My only hope is that our currently elected Burbank City Council members will listen to the voices of the residents.

Thank you, Dave Golonski, for 20 years of amazing service. Because of you, Burbank is a thriving community and a role model for other cities. You will be missed.

Pam Wise

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