In defense of the DeBell Golf Club

As president of the Burbank Senior Men's Golf Club, I find I must respond to the continuous rants of Molly Shore in the Burbank Leader Mailbag relative to the DeBell Golf Club.

There are four public golf clubs calling DeBell home. Two are for men and two are for women. Altogether, more than 300 Burbank residents use and enjoy the golf course through these clubs. My club gives continuous support to youth activities, including both high school golf teams. The other clubs have similar endeavors. Can you name another activity in Burbank that enjoys such a large participation on a daily basis?

Yes, the course has had monetary problems in the near past, as has every other golf course. The economy is turning around and director of golf operations, Scott Scozzola, has introduced many innovative ideas to improve attendance. We are seeing an upswing in revenue.

Any mention of Lakeside Golf Club displays complete ignorance. That venue is private and well out of the reach of ordinary citizens. DeBell is the only public golf course in Burbank. Shore should get her facts straight — and better still, come up and take a golf lesson. She might enjoy it.

Joe Gunn

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