Why the airport is in trouble

There's really no surprise that revenues are down at Burbank's Bob Hope Airport. I am an infrequent flier, and have utilized the Burbank airport for nearly 45 years.

I recall the days when you could fly to most every major city out of Burbank Airport, nonstop. Now you must pay the same short-term parking rate as at Los Angeles International Airport, $31 per day. No wonder parking revenues are down. And you can no longer fly to many U.S. cities nonstop from Burbank. In fact, there are very few places you can get to nonstop. It takes practically a full day to get anywhere. Also, some airlines have discontinued many of their flights, and one airline has pulled out completely.

Also, ticket prices out of Burbank have gone up to the stratosphere. Years ago I would fly mostly out of Burbank and seldom out of Los Angeles. Now it's just the opposite. I rarely go out of Bob Hope Airport, although that is my preferred airport.

Perhaps if the airport management would exercise some ingenuity and lure both airlines and passengers back to Bob Hope Airport, the revenue slide would abate and even reverse the recent downward trend. Some suggestions follow: Reduce airport landing fees to attract more airline participation, both new airlines and expansion of current airlines' flight schedules; negotiate with air carriers and provide incentives in return for agreements to lower ticket prices; increase flight schedules and increase the use of nonstop flights. This would encourage the airlines to reduce their ticket prices. Also, reduce parking rates to attract additional passengers to fly out of Bob Hope Airport.

Claude Soderstrom
Verdugo City

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