Cost is a factor in choosing airport

So traffic at Burbank's airport is down 8.24% from July 2012 and LAX has seen an increase of 4.5%.

For an unscientific comparison I searched for the cheapest round trip between Burbank and LAX and three different destinations: Denver, Seattle and JFK in New York. I used the same time period for each study. Burbank to Denver costs $91 more than the same trip from LAX, a whopping 54% more. Burbank to Seattle costs $43 more than from LAX, translating to 30% higher. Burbank to JFK was only $10 more than from LAX, a mere 3% bump.

I could be crazy, but if the folks that run the Burbank airport want to increase traffic there they should look at reducing landing fees and air fares. Reducing parking rates might also help. I used to fly out of Burbank a lot but rarely do now because it has gotten too expensive. If the goal of airport officials is to quiet the skies over Burbank, they are succeeding.

Scott Herbertson

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