Burbank's mentality makes job hunt hard

This letter is in response to the article published Sept. 20 regarding the jobless rate decline.

As an almost lifelong Burbank resident, I suspect these rates are pure propaganda. I'm a human resources professional with more than a decade of experience who has been out of work since April. I've applied to jobs in Burbank, including the studios, hospitals, credit unions, the city and more. I've applied through job postings, networking and by submitting resumes to companies even when jobs aren't posted. In five months the only interview I've received in Burbank was through the city, which proved to be a bureaucratic joke.

I've reached the point where I've expanded my search outside “the bubble,” going as far afield as San Diego and Ventura counties. I've had more interviews in those counties than in my own city. It's more than a coincidence. I question these rates and feel they're failing to account for those who've run out of unemployment benefits. Perhaps many have accepted McJobs out of desperation. These factors result in inaccurate figures.

Burbank has a reputation of puffing its chest out, proclaiming it's so great for business and those that want to work here. In my opinion, other problems are the city's elitist and clique mentality which makes it unreasonably difficult to find work here. It disgusts me that essentially I'm being pushed out of my own city. I have a gut feeling the job I find will be outside Burbank, and when I find it, I'll gladly say good riddance to Burbank.

Jorge Barba


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