Letter: Provide street cleaning to where it's needed

Once again I got a parking ticket for having my car parked in front of my house during street cleaner times. I guess $45 is a cheap price to pay for having a sweeper clean the non-existent leaves and rubbish away from the front of my house — non-existent because my gardener spent yesterday cleaning them up as part of his job.

Why does Burbank have, and we the citizens pay for, street cleaning in streets that are kept clean anyway by the householders, either directly or through their gardeners?

I live on a corner. One street has street cleaning every week, the other has none. On any given day it is impossible to determine any difference in cleanliness between the two streets. Certainly there are some parts of the city where this is not true, but why doesn't the city save money by not providing street cleaning where it is not required?

If that isn’t possible for some arcane reason, then allow cars to be parked in front of the houses during street cleaning hours. Having the cleaning trucks dodge around them will not change the street cleanliness and will give the drivers something to do to relieve the boredom of driving in straight lines.

Lawrence (Laurie) Pane

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