Letter: Homeland argument has some holes

Re: “Israel is the Jewish homeland,” Mailbag, Jan. 18. After about 3,000 years of persecution, and the horrible travails of the Holocaust, I absolutely support the existence of the state of Israel. However, religious extremists on all sides of the conflict continue to sow hatred in the “Holy Land.”

Encouraged by extreme fundamentalist Christians who just can’t wait for Armageddon, Jewish ultra-orthodox, illegal settlers square off with militant fundamentalist Muslims in a violent battle over whose god is better. Even though we are all sons and daughters of Abraham.

Taking issue in his letter to the editor with the accuracy of the pro-Palestinian film “It’s Better to Jump” is Rabbi Simcha Backman’s prerogative, but his reasoning as to why Israel has the absolute right to claim the area warrants examining. He says “Joshua crossed the Jordan 3250 years ago” and speaks of a “continuous Jewish presence in the area” as reasons for ownership. By that logic, the Nez Perce can take back Oregon, the Sioux own the Great Plains, and the Chumash are the rightful owners of Burbank and Glendale. After all, they were here first.

Steve Eastin

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