Letter: Housing issue and a lack of leadership

With the exception of David Gordon, the rest of Burbank’s City Council members are utterly useless. Take for example the contentious housing issue (“Housing issue pushes buttons,” April 5). While this elected body dithers around trying to come up with a solution to unlicensed group homes, these businesses will more than likely establish a firm hold in our neighborhoods because no regulations will have been enacted to prevent their proliferation.

Relying on city staff for more ideas on how to regulate group homes clearly indicates that the council majority (Emily Gabel-Luddy, Gary Bric and Jess Talamantes) don’t know how to deal with this issue even after all the discussions that have occurred for the past three months, including advice from a land-use law expert.

Perhaps these council members support the idea of group homes so the city can continue to receive its money from Sacramento and to save possible litigation costs if the state were to sue Burbank for not adhering to the state’s ultimatum.

Molly Shore

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