Letter: Those median weeds don't pull themselves

For several weeks I have been noticing the weeds growing along our city roads and highways. It has even made me be ashamed of our beautiful city to any visiting out-of-towners. The amount of trash at the freeway exits is very bad lately, thanks to state and city budget cutbacks.

I have been noticing one median in [City of Los Angeles] — at the corner of Hollywood Way and Glenoaks Boulevard — become a complete eyesore. I have been thinking of trying to contact the appropriate city agencies to get this messy situation cleaned up.

I am happy to report that on a holiday I spotted a citizen on this median using a weed trimmer to cut down 4-foot-tall weeds. I pulled up to him at this intersection and got out of my car to go and thank him for doing this. He said that he had attempted to contact the city staffers for help, but to no avail. If we only could get more concerned citizens to help out.

I feel that this matter should be printed in the Burbank Leader in an attempt to entice our fellow citizens to get out and do your share to help. Paying our tax dollars is not enough nowadays.

Steve Pritchett

Editor's Note: A previous version of this letter stated that the median at the corner of Hollywood Way and Glenoaks Boulevard is located in Burbank. This is incorrect. That median is located in Los Angeles. 

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